Help companies reduce their environmental impact.

In an era where global commerce has reached unprecedented levels, the importance of the sustainability of our product purchase decisions cannot be overstated. Every purchase we make leaves a footprint on our environment.

We are dedicated to enabling companies to reduce their impact on the environment. Our technical experts help companies take realistic, immediate steps that tangibly improve the environment while making business sense. Sustainable Design Pledge provides all services completely free of charge thanks to generous donors and the passionate experts who volunteer their time.

We also work to educate consumers so they can reward companies that strive to reduce their impact on the environment. We have found that companies are willing to become more environmentally friendly if even a small percentage of potential customers make buying decisions based on environmental impact. Through a combination of helping businesses understand (1) what steps they can take immediately to improve the environment and (2) how taking these steps can help their business grow, we are speeding the transition to a more sustainable future.

In essence, Sustainable Design Pledge is working to ensure our consumer choices reflect our collective commitment to a healthier planet. By uniting businesses, consumers, and environmental experts, we are creating a future where product design is not just about form and function but is also a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Participating Brands

The following brands have worked with Sustainable Design Pledge experts to become more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Design Pledge Case Studies

Innovating with L-Shaped Packaging: A Leap Towards Sustainability

In a market dominated by traditional box packaging, one forward-thinking company decided to challenge the norm and revolutionize its packaging strategy. Recognizing that standard boxes often contained unused space and excess material, they introduced an L-shaped packaging design tailored to fit their products more snugly. This simple yet groundbreaking change ...

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Minimizing Packaging Volume Good for Both Planet and Profits

Whether shipping via ocean, rail, or road, reducing packaging volume reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Many products include empty space inside the packaging. Any time you see empty space inside of product packaging, there is likely an opportunity to simultaneously eliminate unnecessary shipping pollution and expenses ...

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Using Eco-Friendly Ink Looks Great and Protects Water Supplies

Did you know that ink used in product packaging can make water unsafe to drink? France created new environmentally friendly standards known as AGEC (which in French stands for “Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy”). Using AGEC-compatible ink ...

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Plant a Tree for Every Tree Used

Paper products are highly recyclable, but people are currently consuming trees faster than nature can replace trees. A solution is to ...

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