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Owen Wengreen's journey began in the lush landscapes of Washington, where he grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of abundant trees, vibrant forests, and pristine lakes. His childhood was marked by many outdoor adventures and a strong connection to nature. However, one particularly warm summer, everything changed.

Wildfires ravaged the forests Owen loved. Suddenly, climate change wasn’t about future dangers; it was a clear and present danger that Owen felt with every smoke-filled breath.

This experience ignited a spark within Owen, prompting him to consider what he could do to ensure a sustainable future. Drawing inspiration from his passion for design, he recognized that to address climate change and environmental concerns, it was important for businesses to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainable Design Pledge Founder, Owen Wengreen

Fueled by his desire to bridge the gap between businesses and environmental responsibility, Owen founded the Sustainable Design Pledge. His vision was clear: to create a platform that would help businesses transition towards sustainability. The organization's goal was to provide easy ways companies could immediately become more sustainable.

Growing up in the vibrant landscapes of Washington gave Owen a deep appreciation for the environment's beauty and its delicacy. This connection fueled his determination to encourage businesses to take immediate positive action. By connecting his love for nature, his experiences during the warm summer, and his conviction that businesses could be part of the solution, Owen channeled his passion into action.

Through the Sustainable Design Pledge, Owen aimed to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools to implement eco-friendly practices, reduce waste, and make environmentally conscious decisions. His efforts were not only about mitigating environmental harm but also about helping businesses thrive in an era where sustainability was increasingly valued by consumers.

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